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Next Phase of Design Will Raise the Roof! 

July 15, 2016

The GRF Board received a presentation from the design team at the June 30, 2016 Board Meeting. The team has completed schematic design and a new cost estimate based on the new and more detailed drawings.

The estimated prepared by Sierra West, a professional construction cost estimating firm indicates the project remains within the “up to $10 million” budget authorized by the Board. Included within that cost is an estimated $700,000 for raising the roof.

The Board has a keen interest in the cost and the benefits of raising two large sections of the roof. The design team presented the negative impacts of a low ceiling and the benefits of raising the roof. The existing ceiling at 8’-3” does not comply with a nationally accepted minimum height of 12’.

The low ceilings make the room feel crowded and dark, restricts air movement, and contributes to the poor acoustics. As illustrated in by the drawings, with the raised roof, the building is transformed.

The space becomes exciting and inspiring, filled with natural light. It will become the state-of-the-art fitness facility residents desire and deserve.

The Board voted unanimously to authorize the design team to move to the next phase of design and include the raised roof. The Board will be provided another cost estimate at the completion of design.

The Design Moves Forward!

April 29, 2016

The GRF Board approved the schematic design plans for the fitness center renovation at its April 28 Board Meeting. The project team presented the proposed design, design features, and the updated cost estimate to the Board. The team also discussed how input from the community and stakeholder groups influenced the evolution of the design from the conceptual phase to schematic phase. Both the Fitness Center Advisory Committee and the Aquatic Advisory Committee unanimously recommended the Board approve the schematic design with alternates included as the budget allows.

The preliminary cost estimate puts the design within the budget of up to $10 million, including all project expenses. At the conclusion of the next phase, design development, another estimate will be prepared and the project will be presented once again to the Board to seek approval to continue onto the next phase of design work.

The Board’s reactions to the schematic design package were supportive. The project moves forward into the design development phase on May 2nd.

Open House…A Huge Success!!

April 7, 2016

Photo by Mike DiCarlo

Photo by Mike DiCarlo

Nearly 200 residents attended an Open House at the Del Valle Fitness Center to view the proposed plans for the transformation of the Fitness Center. Residents visited a series of stations to view plans and renderings, watched a project video, and talked with the staff and design team. Attendees completed comment cards and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Residents are excited and eager for the construction to begin.

Several of the display boards from the Open House can be viewed below.

Station 5 Board

Station 6 Board

Station 7 Board

Station 8 Board