Frequently Asked Questions

During the April 5th Open House several questions were asked frequently. These questions and the responses are provided below (questions 1 through 5 are new).


1. How does studio space compare before and after the renovation?

The current Fitness Center has two studios. The proposed design has three multi-use studios and a dedicated Pilate’s studio, for a total of four studios. The existing Aerobics Studio has approximately 1,200sf of usable program space. The proposed design features two new multi-use studios, one with a sprung wood floor and one with a sprung Marley-type dance floor. This wood floor studio is approximately 1,800sf and the other multi-use studio is approximately 1,500sf. In addition, the two studios have an additional 350sf for storage of spin bikes, program equipment and chairs. The existing 1,800sf Shasta Room will receive significant upgrades and provide studio space for “quiet” restorative programs and activities. It also will feature a sprung wood floor system. The fourth proposed studio is a 350sf dedicated Pilates Studio.


2. What are the features of the studios?

The proposed studios will have sprung floors. They will also have mirrored wall and two of the studios will have dance barres. Other proposed features include upgraded HVAC, dimmable lighting and accent lighting, sound systems with easily operable controls, acoustical treatment, exposed and higher ceilings, WIFI, Bluetooth, and a T Coil Loop System for those with low hearing. Increased storage in the studios will maximize usable floor space.


3. What is going in the place of the TRX frame?

A ceiling mounted TRX truss system is proposed for Multi-Use Studio A. This eliminates the need to have the TRX frame in the gymnasium, freeing up space for group activities. The plans call for additional TRX wall mounted frames in other areas of the center to provide individual access at all times.


4. Why is there a single entrance?

There is a new and larger entrance and reception area that will eliminate the current congestion. A single point of entry allows staff to know who is in the building and deny access to unauthorized users. Additionally, staffing costs are reduced with a singe entrance. There will be multiple alarmed emergency exit doors for quick exiting, should that be necessary.


5. Pickleball is losing a court. What is being done to address the shortage of courts?

Currently the Sierra Room supports three indoor courts. The courts are closer to each other and to the sidewall than is recommended. The new configuration will provide for two courts that have appropriate spacing. Pickleball is a growing sport at Rossmoor and staff is working with Club representatives to identify options for additional courts space and facility options. More information on this topic will be posted as progress is made.


6. When this renovation is complete will we have a new Fitness Center?

Yes! This renovation is extensive and will create a “new” Fitness Center by removing most of what currently exists and building within the exterior walls of the existing Fitness and Events Center space.


7. Is the size of the Fitness Center increased by the renovation?

Yes! With the addition of the former Events Center the Fitness Center grows by a whopping 8,200 sq. ft. from 19,200 sq. ft to 27,400 sq. ft.


8. Will the heating, air quality, acoustics, and lighting be improved?

Yes! These systems will be new and state-of-the-art:

  • Additional windows to provide lots of natural light with appropriate shading
  • Acoustics treatment throughout the center
  • New HVAC system for great air quality and room temperature control
  • Specialized lighting that is indirect (and not florescent) with accent lighting to enhance the quality of the space


9. Will the new center include social areas? 

Yes! Residents said this is important. The new lobby will provide a seating area with tables and chairs. There will be seating areas outside the studios. A balcony on the second floor is a special feature that provides views of the fitness center floor all the way to the pool. A seating area near the front doors will provide a comfortable place to wait for transportation.


10. Will the Locker Rooms be improved?

Yes!  The locker rooms will be redesigned to be more spacious and provide private dressing rooms, grooming counters, and better circulation.


11. Is the pool access farther from the parking lot in the proposed plan?

Yes, a very short distance further than the current entrance. There will be a central entrance to the complex rather than separate entrances to the pools and the fitness center.


12. Is there a timeline for the completion of this project?

Yes! The timeline is on this website. This schematic design phase will be completed by late April 2016. Design development will start in early May and conclude by June 2016. The Construction Document Phase will be completed in September 2016, followed by the Permit & Bid Process in December 2016. Construction will require approximately one year.


13. Will the Fitness Center be open during construction?

Yes! The phasing plan will allow most activities to remain in the building during construction. There will be a construction schedule posted on this website to track any space closures, if required, during the construction.